The Fundamental Need

While preparing for any exam or interview, you have a lot of options online which provide video lectures to learn the basics. But is watching lecture videos enough? How do you know you are well prepared for an exam after completing a course? There was a void after online learning is complete, and there was no real platform to help you "practise". Abekus is born out of this need. With Abekus, you can practise any topic by solving 1000s of questions and compare your performance with everyone else in real-time.



Ever individual is different, and so are the learning requirements. MCQ books and question bank on several websites gives same set of questions to every user, in same order - the approach is inherently inefficient. Abekus is built with the concept of Adaptive Learning at its core, and strives to provide personalized set of questions to each user according to the level of expertise of the user. This ensures maximum learning, without wasting time on unnecessary and repetitive questions.

Learning Made Fun

We designed Abekus with a game-like feel, to make learning much more fun. Abekus gives rewards for achievements, and a competitive environment through learderboards and competitions. Just like in games, these factors motivates you to perform better, and hence help you learn while you have fun. Learning is much better when you enjoy it.


The Time Factor

We associated time with every questions, to ensure there is a certain amount of pressure while you are working on the problems. This ensures your brain is at maximum-activity on every questions, and eliminate the sloppiness and help you gain and retain maximum from every question.

Personal Statistics and Analysis

One of the most important and highly-neglected part of learning is self-analysis. Through various types of statistics, Abekus provides you data-analysis for your own knowledge base, which can be compared with others to identify the areas of improvement.