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Authoring Questions


Abekus is a community-driven platform, where the questions are created and maintained by the community. In this tutorial, we will see 1) what are the various stages questions go through in order to be added to the platform, 2) the benefits for the authors of the questions 3) the common reasons for questions getting blocked and 4) the rewards of the credit for the authors.

The lifecycle of a questions:

When the user creates a new question, it goes through the following process:

  • The user creates the question, which goes for review by pre-selected moderators.
  • The question stays in under review state until it is being reviewed.
  • Once the review is complete, the question is either activated or blocked. If the question is active, it starts appearing in the play section. If the question is blocked, the author is notified of the reason.
  • The author of the question can edit a blocked question and send it again for review.

Benefits of authoring questions:

The idea of learning at Abekus includes not just by playing and solving questions. Users tend to learn so much more while creating questions.

Some of the notable benefits of authoring questions are:

  • Improve your question creation profile by creating amazing questions for the community of developers across the globe.
  • Analyze your performance as an author with your created question statistics and see how many people like or dislike your question, the difficulty level of your question, the percentage of your questions being reported, and more.
  • Flaunt your achievements as an author by adding a public profile link to your resume (soon-to-be-released).
  • Immensely improve your skills by learning through the experience of authoring questions and looking at the concepts from an entirely new perspective.
  • Feel the joy of contributing to the community!

Common reasons for questions getting blocked:

The general thumb rule for a good question is that it should be contributing to better learning of the community. Some of the top reason why questions are blocked are:

  • Plagiarism: If you copy the question from the internet, it will never be accepted.
  • Duplicate: If the concept of the question is already covered, and it is not adding any value to the system, it will get blocked.
  • Wrong Question:If the question or the options or the solution is incorrect, it will be blocked.
  • Improper Solution: The solution should always be detailed but to-the-point so that the user can understand the fundamentals around the concepts involved in the question, without wasting time. A bad solution leads to the blocking of the question.
  • Grammatical errors, formatting, and indentation issues are also key reasons for questions being blocked.

Just keeping the above points in mind would ensure a very good chance of question being accepted at the first submission.

Credits for Authors:

Abekus deeply values the authors, and for every active question, 10 credits are awarded to its author. These credits can be redeemed for saving-the-streak and thus helping you earn more badges!

So, why don't you try to create your first question now?