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All About Credits!

What are Credits?

Credits are the virtual currency of Abekus. As you go on solving questions in the categories of your choice, you will spend credits in order to fulfill several requirements like Saving Your Streak or Buy More Time or Unlocking a new Category. If you are out of credits, you will need to earn more credits so as to be able to use these facilities. Abekus provides multiple ways through which you can earn credits easily.

Earning Credits:

Since Abekus is a community-driven platform, and hence there are several ways in which you can contribute for the benefit of the community. Abekus credits are rewarded for the contribution to the community. You can the following methods to earn new credits:

By Authoring Question: For every question you author, you will be rewarded credits when the question is accepted. Users have created hundreds of questions, earning tens of thousands of credits in return. Remember to follow the guidelines in order to ensure your question is accepted in the first submission. Tip: Contributing to the categories with fewer questions is always easier, as there is less chance of submissions being blocked on the basis of duplication.

User Referrals:Being a community-driven platform, referring new users to the Abekus community helps in several indirect ways. So, will be awarded credits for every user who joins Abekus on your referral.

Competitions:Abekus gives away lots of credits during competitions to the top performers. It’s probably the fastest way to earn credits!

Using Credits:

There are currently 3 ways you can use your credits:

Unlock New Categories: Every time you unlock a new category, Abekus will charge you some credits. Remember the categories will remain open for a limited duration only - generally 2 months, so make sure to make full utilization of the category by solving the maximum amount of questions.

Saving Your Streak:You can save your streak - once during every streak - by using some credits. This will ensure you do not lose your precious 20-streak badge, just because of a silly mistake!

Buying More Time:Sometimes you need just a little more time to solve a question. You can spend some credits and buy some time to help you solve a question - and probably save your streak too!

If these points doesn’t clear your doubts regards credits, feel free to ping us on the chatbox or drop us an email at!