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Getting Started


Abekus is a community-driven, adaptive learning platform where users can practise questions from any of the several domains like Computer Science, Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Aptitude, Mathematics, and more. The questions are created and improved by the users from the community and intelligent algorithms determine the difficulty level, similarity, allocated time, and many other aspects of the questions.

We believe the cumulative knowledge of the community will always be superior to any single individual, so questions on Abekus will eventually become more diverse and superior to any MCQ book. And clubbing that with Adapting Learning principles ensures the users will get questions more targeted to their needs, according to their strengths and weaknesses. Thus users will get maximum learning in minimum time.

Where to start?

Select the domain in which you want to practise questions. After selecting a domain, the platform universe will be for that given domain, and everything from leaderboard to profile will only show data related to that domain.

Then visit the play page, and select the category of your choice. You will be prompted to select some subcategories, if you do not select any subcategory, then questions from any of the subcategory can be asked, otherwise only from the ones which are selected by you. After this, you will be served with your first question.

Attempting a Question

There are a few aspects you need to remember when you are attempting questions:

Max Time: Every question has some associated with it, within which you need to attempt the question. Keep an eye on the timer, if you are not able to attempt the question in the given time, the question will be marked timed-out, and you will be awarded 0 points.

Types of Questions:There are two types of questions currently - MCQ and OneWord. If the type of question is MCQ, the question will have 2 or more options, otherwise, it will have a textbox where you need to write your answer.

Selected SubCategory:With every question, the subcategory of the question is also mentioned, which can be sometimes useful to know which topic the question belongs to. You can change your selected subcategories by clicking on the edit icon next to “Selected Topics” on the right sidebar.

Skip: If you do not know the correct answer, it is better to skip, as MCQ questions are associated with negative marks for wrong answers.

Score:The score of a question is a dynamic value, which depends on the difficulty level of the questions.

Difficulty Level:Every question is associated with a difficulty level calculated automatically by our algorithms. This difficulty is dynamic and can be changed based on how users are performing against questions

Submit:On submitting an answer, you will get to know the right answer, a solution will be revealed and your score will be updated based on whether the answer was correct or not.

Attempt Streaks and Badges:

On Attempting 5 questions correctly in a sequence, the user is awarded a 5_streak badge. Similarly, the user will be awarded badges for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 streaks as well. Apart from that, the user is also awarded a badge for completing 50, 100, 150, 200 questions in a single day. The badges are reflected in the public profile of the user, which increases the value of the user’s profile.