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Authoring Questions

Top Authoring Mistakes to Avoid:

This article is simply a compilation of the top reason why questions are rejected. Going through this post will significantly increase the chances of your questions getting accepted in the first submission. So, without further ado, here we go:

Repeating the answer in the solution:

The solution is one of the most essential parts of every question. Even if it’s just a single line that summarizes “why the correct option is correct”, can be enough. But repeating the correct option as a sentence in the solution will add no value, and hence the question won’t be accepted.

Common grammatical error:

The following are some of the very common grammatical errors which lead to rejection of submissions:

  • Not start the sentence with the first letter as capital in Title, Question Body, and Solution.
  • There should always be one space after punctuations like comma and full-stop, and no space before the punctuations.
  • Badly formulated and informal language.

Fill-in-the-blanks and True/False:

These two formats are not encouraged as many users are found to create questions from any line of the text and converting them into fill-in-the-blanks or True/False type questions. These questions tend to deteriorate the overall quality of the platform, and they are generally blocked.

Improper Title:

The title is the summary of the question, to help users recognize the questions for the snippets. Creating a one-word title doesn’t serve the purpose, and thus are generally rejected. Similarly, creating generic titles, which are the same for many questions, also defeats the purpose and may not be accepted.

Incomplete/Improver Explanation:

While writing explanations for questions that require derivations, if the steps are skipped or if the derivation is incompleted, the question can be blocked.

Similarly, if the explanation is not directly relevant to the question and the correct answer, the question can be blocked.

And if the explanation is unable to explain “why the correct answer is correct”, or if it is unclear “why the other options are not correct”, the question can be blocked.

Finally, there is always an explanation or theory around the topic in questions, which is useful in understanding the topic in question. So, any solution which says something like “Self Explanatory” or “No Solution” or is just left blank, will be definitely blocked.

Improper Formatting:

We have formatting options including Headings, Bold, Italics, etc. for the special use cases. If your question or explanation has segments, then Heading tags can be used, and if there is something really important to be highlighted, bold and italics can be used. But overusing formatting options makes it very difficult to read and understand questions, and hence the questions can be blocked for this reason.

Similarly, other formatting errors like unnecessary white spaces and improper indentations can also be a reason for questions getting blocked.

Lastly, if there are mathematical formulas present in the question and solution, try to use subscripts and superscripts (instead of ^). And you can also copy-paste symbols from editors like Google Docs, which can make the question much more understandable. This can be one of the reasons for the blocking of the questions too.

Wrong One-Word Type Questions:

The one-word type question is a very specific format, in which only those questions can be formed where the answer is a definite string, without any scope of ambiguity. So, for example, if the answer to a question is “0”, then that can be created. But if the answer is “x + y = z”, that can not be created in one-word type questions because it is not unambiguous. Some user can write “y + x = z”, other can write “x+y = z” (with irregular spacing, different from the original answer. These two answers are also correct, but our system will mark them as wrong. So, this should be made as an MCQ instead.