Our Mission

Our Platform - Abekus - is built to channel the community intellect and use it for common learning goal. We strive for ensuring affordable (or free) learning resources for everyone. We are building Abekus as an superior alternate of any MCQ book or questions bank, which ensures you are only practising questions which gives you maximum learning in minimum time, through our adaptive learning algorithms. We also aim to make learning much more rewarding and fun.


Collaborative Community Development

Our missions includes development of a collaborative and active community of learners, which not only create new content, but also review and improve the existing content, so as to ensure the quality keeps getting better with time. The common intellect of the community will be much better resource to create and improve content than any one individual.

Ensuring Quality via Technology

The biggest challenge for community generated content is to ensure only the best quality content is accepted, and subpar quality content is automatically excluded from the platform. We are developing an array of features and processes to ensure quality is always top-notch and duplicate content is not accepted (or automatically removed).


One-Stop Practise Destination

Our aim is to include all the topics one may need to practise upon, with all possible variations of questions. We aim to become one-stop place where every user can practise and prepare, no matter his/her domain, country and language.