Alternate in-demand career options for software engineers 

Software engineers are one of the most sought-after individuals when it comes to the future of technology. But not everyone pursuing programming wants to be a software engineer. If you are that someone, this is what you would definitely want to read. 


Studying computer science or IT does not mean that you have software development as the only career choice. But what would you be doing if not this? We have a list of career options that are equally interesting and challenging. And don’t worry, they attract money as good as software development. 


We would not get into the nitty-gritty of what software engineers do because we believe you already know that. We will get directly to what you might not know–career options apart from software development. 


1. Data scientist

 Data science is a field in software engineering that is applicable in several industries such as health, finance, business, and e-commerce. It is regarded as one of the most vital industries on earth because it works around enormous data about user behaviour, financial market trends, demand-supply variations, etc. 

 Software engineers use statistics, analyze the data they have gathered, and take decisions accordingly. For example, a simple T-shirt company can collect data and analyze it with the help of a data scientist and understand the market trends and the demands of its t-shirts. They can analyze all the demographics and understand how to further expand their business.

 Now, why this tops our list is because this job has seen a growth of 650% since 2012 and the global market is expected to rise from $37.9 billion in 2019 to $230.80 billion by 2026.

Now, that’s a lot of money!


2. Machine learning

 Machine learning is one of the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence aimed at making technology more ‘self-aware’ and ‘smart’. So obviously, this will be done by somebody smart- Software Engineers. 

Software engineers are required to empower the machine in such a way that, even though it might receive an enormous amount of data daily, the device must be capable of developing insights and ideas based on the current relevant data. 

In a way, you will be creating a ‘problem-solving’ machine as well. 

Machines are not known to grow and adapt as humans are. When exposed to a new atmosphere, humans adapt after a point in time. But with machines, intricate programming is required for them to grow all by themselves.

 Once again, the engineer gathers data by analyzing several processes such as real-time advertisements, web search results etc. 

In machine learning allows software apps to predict new output values using historic data. For example, pattern recognition is one of the systems used for recognising data irregularities. Whenever the machine sees a pattern, it can instantly recognize it and take action accordingly. This complex machine learning process requires knowledge and advanced mathematics, which are one of the skills of software engineers who love big numbers. If you love the complexity and the patterns in numbers, if you are good at solving aptitude questions, this could be a good career option for you. 

Now, as a job, the demand for ML engineers increased a whopping 344% in 2019 in America alone. Today, every industry and company is eyeing to get in good ML engineers to automate their redundant processes and become technologically at par with the market. 


3. Blockchain developer

 Yes, you read it right and yes, there is no separate degree required for working in blockchain and becoming a part of the technology that is growing at a mind-boggling rate of 2000-6000%.

Now, as we said that you don’t need a different degree for becoming a blockchain developer. However, you can opt for training programs to get exposure to the technology. 

If you are a software engineer and are well versed in programming languages such as Rholang, Javascript, C++ and many more, you have a good scope here. Having knowledge about these languages enables you to work on complex interfaces and features for the blockchain application. 

Another primary reason why software engineers are required in the blockchain is for security. Any blockchain technology can be misused in several ways and is open to different kinds of cyber-attacks, hacks etc.; therefore, having an in-depth understanding of the systems is vital.


4. Security Analyst

 A security analyst is responsible for protecting the company network and data from cyber threats. 

Every organization that wants to be a part of the competitive market, has done so mainly through data collection. It is needless to say that it is impossible to create or base yourself on the current economy without data. 

When data is of prime importance, it is essential to protect it. For example, several organizations work with the government and national defence organisations. Protecting their data is of prime importance, and therefore a security analyst ensures the protection of a company’s sensitive data. This was just one example from the haystack. 

Several hackers and cyber terrorists have the ability to illegally retrieve an organization’s data, and to prevent that from happening, having a security analyst is essential. 

Now, as serious this job sounds, it attracts some serious salary as well. You can make an average of $93,250 PA as a security analyst. 

For software engineers, besides their programming and technological skills,  one of the other qualities is ‘problem-solving’. So, if you love to code your way through problems and build secured walls,  this might be a perfect fit for you. 


5. Product Manager

Every business needs someone to tell them what the customers want and a product manager is there to do that. As a product manager, you identify the needs, demands and pain points of the customers and convey the same to the development team. 

A product manager also looks after achieving the business goals and develops strategies to do so. However, this role requires a certain amount of experience and understanding of the technologies and market which is why they get very high salaries. This is also the reason why it is positioned as the 4th best job in the US. 


6. Startup founder 

You are surely aware that a large number of startup founders were software engineers. Well, even though this is not an easy option to go for but if you have a good idea and can think of monetising that idea, you can become a startup founder too. Needless to mention that startup takes its time to grow and bloom, it can take months or years for you to generate handsome revenue. But once you have established your startup, the rewards can be umpteen.

You can also do this as a side hustle along with your regular 9-5 job so that you don’t struggle to meet your daily needs and also satisfy your quest to build something exceptional of your own. 


7. Comedy and Art

 Over the years, you might have seen several engineers in general leaning towards the profession of comedy. You might think, why is comedy a career option for software engineers? Comedy and art are more than just jokes; it is also about actively resurfacing a problem and giving a solution but in a creative way. 

Software engineers develop excellent problem-solving skills through the education that they have received. However, if they use it creatively, then stand-up comedy, art, cinematography and many such subjects can be explored. 

Software engineers are adept at computational thinking, which in simple words means logical thinking. Suppose that every line of your thought is applied to comedy, story-telling, art, and other art forms. In that case, it might not only give you a chance to try something different but also offers the world an excellent opportunity to listen to someone with rational solutions.

Hope you got the clue here!

 Software engineers are not limited to technology and computers. Every career with a problem-solving requirement can hire a software engineer because an essential aspect of what an engineer learn is developing a rational attitude towards an issue. 

Instead of treating a problem emotionally or reactively, a software engineer relies on data and valuable statistics to bring the company a viable solution. This attitude is vital for any company to expand itself. To look at software engineers as simply technological people is to limit their abilities.

So, go ahead and explore your options. 


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