Top 7 highest paying IT Jobs in 2022!


We know how choosing a career option can be an overwhelming task for you. We have been there. Furthermore, having a plethora of options to choose from, makes the process all more complicated.

There are several aspects to consider when you choose a career like scope and growth, required skills, pay scale, technical expertise, and many more.

With this blog, we attempt to make the world a lot less frightening for you and ease your efforts to find the perfect job opportunity.

While ‘interest in the subject’ should be a primary factor in selecting a career option, more and more individuals are inclined towards high-paying jobs. We believe that the latter factor is an absolute need of the hour! ROI is the first area everyone should consider before putting their time and effort into the matter. Read along to discover a list of IT jobs – that are high-paying jobs in demand for 2022.


Enterprise Architect

If you choose Enterprise architect you will be working towards achieving the organization’s financial goals. You will be upkeeping the relevant and latest technology systems architecture aligned with its business strategy. This means enterprise architects are responsible for maintaining a company’s IT networks and services. It is paramount that you know about current trends and any software, hardware, or services that improve business processes if you aspire to be an enterprise architect.  Additionally, this profile needs critical thinking and strategizing ability to decide which legacy system needs to be updated, which software or hardware in the process needs to be replaced, or which upcoming service or products will allow seamless business operations across different departments.


Required skills –

  • Experience with SQL and data sourcing
  • Enterprise data management
  • Auditing and compliance
  • System architecture
  • Strategy development and enterprise solutions

Average Base Salary – ₹ 2,919,091 LPA


Cloud Architect

Cloud architects regulate cloud computing strategy; in other words, you will be overlooking technical requirements of design and architecture. You will be responsible mainly for three functions—deploy, manage, and support—cloud applications. Typically, a cloud architect holds solid expertise in multiple operating systems as well as networking, programming, and security concepts. Therefore, companies seek candidates who are adept at cloud services such as AWS or Amazon Web Services, IT Service Management or ITSM, Infrastructure and Operations or I&O, Vendor Management, and Automation.


Required skills

  • Sound knowledge in cloud technologies and architectural principles
  • Knowledge of common operating systems (Linux, Unix, or Windows)
  • Knowledge about the process cloud application scaling
  • General idea about cost, performance, and architecture of cloud systems
  • Communication and other interpersonal skills

Average Base Salary – ₹ 1,845,696 LPA


Data Scientist

A Data scientist extracts maximum value from unstructured data, create data models, deploy data tools, and improve quality. The data can be about the market, business, or customer.

You will be processing, analyzing and interpreting the data, derived from various sources, to find out recurring patterns.

These findings suggest business performance and weak performing areas that can be improved by designing AI/ML tools to automate business optimization.


Required Skills

  • Data science fundamentals
  • Knowledge about programming languages
  • General idea about data mining techniques and statistical analysis
  • Data analysis and management and reporting skills

Average Base Salary – ₹ 854,985 LPA


Artificial Intelligence or AI Engineer

As the name suggests, AI Engineers create intelligent and intuitive programs—with deep learning and machine learning algorithms—that allow computers to perform human-centric tasks. You will be working to program computers to ‘think,’ businesses aim to automate business predictions about the market and trends. These predictions are then used to make informed decisions and move towards business growth. This increasingly evolving field will secure its place in the list of highest-paying IT jobs in 2022.


Required skills –

  • Knowledge about more than one programing language
  • Basics about big data technologies and algorithms
  • Proficiency in linear algebra, statistics, and probability
  • Certifications in data science and machine learning are a bonus!

Average Base Salary – ₹ 750,000 LPA


DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers are responsible for bringing processes, tools, and methodologies for running a balanced software development cycle. As an IT Professional, you will oversee coding, scripting, and process development in a software development process. Companies desire to hire candidates who can conduct faster code deployment with lesser deployment failures. Additionally, you will manage IT infrastructure, supply resources, supervise software testing, and keep track of performance post-release. For the company, you will make the code updates easier, thus aiding them to update or improve processes independently.


Required skills –

  • Efficiency at coding and scripting
  • Automation and IT operations skills
  • Basic understanding of DevOps best practices
  • Data management skills

Average Base Salary – ₹ 747,406 LPA


Full Stack Engineer

An IT professional who is efficient in working on the server-side/back end and client-side/front end of an application is a full stack developer. You will be regarded as ‘jack of all trades’ in the IT arena as you would have skills ranging from coding, graphic designing, UI/UX management to the database to perform their tasks seamlessly. In a nutshell, full-stack developers mainly have four functions in a company:


  1. Develop and design front-end web architecture, servers, and databases for seamless website functionality.
  2. Analyze software programs for performance issues, bugs, and design flaws.
  3. Incorporate user interaction on websites.
  4. Improve application responsiveness.


Required skills –

  • JavaScript
  • Git and GitHub
  • Backend languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, Java
  • Web Architecture

Average Base Salary – ₹ 630,227 LPA


A database administrator or DBA

A DBA runs and maintains software that is used to manage a database while ensuring that the preserved data is readily available to those who need it. As a DBA you will supervise data security, storage, access, and more while ensuring that the server remains efficient and operational. In other words, you will build systems to store and preserve a variety of data like financial information and customer shipping records. Companies lookout for candidates who can successfully monitor the servers as well as hold expertise to optimize the performance when required.


Required Skills –

  • Exposure to IT work and database administration
  • Proficiency in Oracle, Linux, and SQL skills
  • Data analysis and management and reporting skills

Average Base Salary – ₹ 500,755 LPA




The list aims to make you aware of the IT profiles that are expected to experience big in 2022. A thorough understanding of the profiles might increase your chances of scoring your job of interest. All in all, with the technical expertise, you should start working on your interpersonal skills to perform and advance in your career trajectory successfully.


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